This is a showcase of creative works, art projects, paintings, and other ideas. All the products are handcrafted, individually from my own inspiration, with a lot of patience and care especially for you. I hope you enjoy this space and share my work with others, keeping in mind that art wants to be manifested in different ways in our lives. If you would like a custom art piece please contact me; I would be delighted to create one just for you.

      -Dr. Francisco Godoy


If I met up for coffee with myself …

I’m from Guatemala, where a delicious coffee is prepared. Perhaps that’s why we like to get together with friends in a café to chat and have a good time. It’s a social ritual that invites us to share and talk about our lives and meet new people.
If I met up for coffee with myself… I would share that I like animals, plants and sympathize a lot with children, which is why I decided to become a Pediatrician. I would say that creating art has always been an important part of my life.
My life and memories are full of creative processes, from my childhood games to my antics. I remember after an earthquake, there was a crack in the wall of the dining room at my parents’ house. The crack was repaired several times but over time it reappeared again. So, I decided with a brush and green paint, to draw small vine leaves all along the crack and that became part of the decor of the room.
Sometimes, my creative ideas were accepted, and others, not so. Like the time I decided to plant sunflower seeds in my mom’s garden because I felt it lacked color. When they bloomed, the garden was filled with a bright yellow. I thought it was a great idea but not my mother, who was upset with me because the sunflowers were smothering her begonias.
Perhaps my ideas were never good, but I appreciate that my parents never repressed my creative soul.

We live in a time when we are so saturated, like never before, with images and information, all struggling to have an impact on us. What amazes us one moment is soon replaced by a fleeting image, and then by another, and so on. My hopes to create a stable and lasting image led me to create small pieces of art for my loved ones. Pieces they could see every day that evoke a feeling of home, a feeling that they had reached their refuge. It was this way that I started creating paintings, drawings and art objects. I think art makes sense when it represents a blip in our being. It’s like the little prince’s rose: There may be millions of them but only one is special.

This is the starting point on this trip: To create unique pieces that mean something to someone, and slow down time to create a lasting memory.

That is what I’d say, if I met up for coffee with myself.